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Equipment for Lenin Peak (7134 m.)

Equipment for Lenin Peak (7134 m.) expedition

  1. Clothing must be layered. In the mountains, it is important not to freeze or overheat. Several layers of clothing will allow you to quickly respond to the vagaries of nature, putting them on and taking them off if necessary. The first layer is thermal underwear that will wick moisture away from your body. The second layer is insulating, and usually it is understood as several wardrobe items: thin fleece, denser fleece, down jacket (“puff”). The third layer is a windproof but breathable layer. Usually this is a jacket and trousers made of modern synthetic materials, it is better if it is a membrane fabric.
  2. The mountains have very strong ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, you should always wear a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen with an SFP level of 30-50. Even on cloudy days, the light reflected from the snow can cause severe burns to the skin and retinas of the eyes.
  3. Take only the most necessary equipment with you. At altitude, every extra gram will slow down the movement. Therefore, it is worth considering in advance each item of equipment, weighing it, and choosing the lightest, and not the most beautiful, from several almost identical ones.

If you are missing something from the equipment, you can rent the missing one from us. But we would like to know about it in advance.

Approximate equipment list:

• High-altitude boots – plastic or modern synthetic, single layer or double. For example, La Sportiva G2 SM
• Crampons – must be securely fastened to high-altitude boots. For example, Grivel G12
• Overshoes for high-altitude boots (only if necessary, usually you don’t need overshoes for warm double-layer boots).
• Trekking boots or sturdy running shoes for trekking and walking in base camp and first camp. For example, Salewa Wildfire Canvas or Salewa Alp Mate Mid
• Thermal underwear. For example, Icebreaker BodyfitZone™ Merino 260 Top and BodyfitZone™ Merino 150 Leggins
• Windproof storm jacket. For example, Salewa Sella Responsive Jacket
• Trousers are storm wind-shelter. For example, Salewa Sella Responsive Pant
• Polartec suit (fleece) – jacket + trousers. For example, Salewa Pedroc Pgd Fz Hoody jacket and Salewa Puez Dolomitic DST M Reg PNT pants
• Down jacket or with synthetic filling. For example, Salewa Ortles Heavy 2 PTX Down Jacket
• High-rise mittens (for protection from wind and snow). For example, Salewa Ortles Powertex 3L or Cairn Makalu 2
• Warm gloves + 1 pair for stock. For example, Salewa Illuminati
• Fleece gloves. For example, Salewa Ortles Polarlite
• Warm hat and panama (cap) from the sun. For example, Salewa Sarner Wool Beanie and Salewa Puez Hemp Brimmed Print Hat.
• Windscreen or balaclava (optional). For example, Icebreaker Merino Apex Balaclava
• Sleeping bag, comfort temperature -10C or lower. For example, Therm-o-Rest Parsec™ 0F/-18C
• High leg trekking socks + plus regular socks. For example, Salewa Expedition SK or Icebreaker Hike
• Backpack 70-90 liters. For example, Millet Prolighter 60+20
• Sleeping pad (karemat) + air pad (optional). For example Sirex Trekking Mat and Therm-a-Rest NeoAir® XTherm™ NXT
• A set of dishes – mug, spoon, bowl, folding knife. For example, a set of cutlery Fire Maple FMT-803 and a set of dishes Fire Maple FMC-217
• Gas burner for threaded cylinders with a kettle. For example, Fire Maple FMS-300T burner
• Sunglasses (minimum 4 cat.). For example, Julbo Explorer 2.0 SP4
• Sun cream SPF 30-50
• Hygienic lipstick
• Headlamp with spare batteries. For example, Petzl Actik Core
• Thermos 1 l. For example, Salewa RIENZA Thermo BTL
• First aid kit with personal medicines
• Telescopic trekking poles. For example, Vipole Base Camp QL Mid Green DLX
• Helmet. For example, Petzl Meteor
• Ice axe. For example, Petzl Summit
• Harness with a cow’s tail. For example, Petzl Sama
• Carabiners with a screw lock – 3-4 pcs. For example, Petzl Vulcan Screw Lock
• Self-belay (descender) or Figure eight. For example, Pertz Huit
• Jumar (ascender). For example, Petzl Ascension
• Cordelette (Repshnur) – 3 m.
• Rope (9-10 mm.) 15 m. for a bunch of 2 people and 40-45 m. for a bunch of 3 people
• Ice screws (optional, required if you need to install a rescue station). For example, Petzl Lazer Speed
• Snow shovel – 1 pc. per group. For example, BCA Dozer 2H

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